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98188 Apartment Project


Project Description

   The 98188 Place Apartment Project is an apartment building to be constructed at 17224 International Blvd., SeaTac, Washington. The proposed building is construct with two levels of concrete and five levels of wood construction. 




Hotel Detail

The North tower has two levels of parking, the lower ground level is 8,584 SF with 29 stalls and the upper level is 7,914 SF with 25 stalls. The total ground floor area is 9,060 SF 

The South tower has one ground level of parking, which is 9,716 SF with 30 stalls. The total ground floor area is 12,168 SF. 

There are also 49 surface parking spaces available for the apartments. 

There is a lobby and mail room on the ground floor.

The 2nd floor of the South Tower has 17 units, 1 x 2-bedroom, 8 x 1-bedroom, and 8 x studios. The total area of the 2nd floor is 12,817 SF.

The Rental Office and package room are also on this floor.

The 3rd floor to 7th floor is continuous between the North and South towers. Each floor has 5 x 2- bedrooms, 14 x 1-bedroom and 14 x studios, for a total of 33 units per floor. The average total area of each of the floors is 25,230 SF.

There is a total of 26 x 2-bedroom, 78 x 1-bedroom, and 78 studios, for a total of 182 units. The bridge area between the two towers has the following amenity:

  • Level 3 – Unit Storage

  • Level 4 – Fitness Center

  • Level 5 - Conference/Business Center

  • Level 6 – Lounge

  • Level 7 – Party Room

The roof has a deck with BBQs and seating, and a pet relief area.

The total building area is 169,237 SF.

The construction phase is projected to begin in Q2 2023 and is estimated to complete in Q1 2025.